Is using windows activator safe?

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When you use any sort of crack you’re in unsafe territory. There’s only one way to be absolutely sure it’s safe, and that is to get something open source, go through the entire source code to see if there’s any backdoors, and compile it yourself.

Since that is practically impossible, the second best thing is to get the crack yourself from a well known forum, where the author of the crack is a well respected member and his crack has been up there for years. It’s very unlikely that would be infected, though interestingly these people don’t open source their cracks either, and they just tell you to trust the community if you ask. MDL is a forum that has had the major cracks online for years by the original authors. Whenever you download you have to verify the checksum like SHA1 to make sure no one tampered with it between the time they posted it and it got onto your computer. If the checksum checks out, you can be sure that is the original file the author uploaded.

Anything else, besides the above two and you’re in malware land, good luck.

Learner Answered on November 21, 2017.
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Is it safe to use prescription drugs bought online on a Chinese website? You’re looking at the same type of answer.

It might work but you don’t know what attached malware can be hidden (a Trojan at least). Do you think hackers upload these files because they’re philanthropists? They want more bots for performing their attacks.

Moderator Answered on November 22, 2017.
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Yes, It is safe to use activator for windows activation. If you use “Microsoft Toolkit for Windows 8.1” activation then it will help you in future to manage your system and protect your system for trace pass. If you want to Download Microsoft Toolkit for Windows 8.1 then either visit the official website of Microsoft or visit any third party website like Offical MIcrosoft Toolkit.

Moderator Answered on November 23, 2017.
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You must activate your Windows or your operating system will not work after 30 days.

Activating Windows is for genuine Windows operating systems. Non activating Windows could be a pirated version of your Windows operating system.

Activating real Microsoft Windows is safe, OEM Windows operating systems is malware created by your vendor.

New User Answered on November 24, 2017.
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NO, the are all spywares

Moderator Answered on November 25, 2017.
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Its never safe to use a software from an unrecognized source.
Using activators and cracks is punishable by law. Its a serious crime that you are committing if you are even trying to break the software or tamper licensing information.

Think about this , hundreds of people put in their full efforts and brains to make a software product and you want it for free?. Will you ever go work for free ?.

How would you feel if a politician occupies your house because he likes it and he can. How would you feel ? Treat others in the same way how you want others to treat you.

If you are a student, you can very well use a linux variant (Ubuntu) which is free. If you like windows so much you can approach your university for a student developer license (from Microsoft) which is also free.

If you like windows so much.
Why don’t you go ahead and buy your own copy ?

Expert Answered on November 26, 2017.
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Not sure what you re talking about, if you are referring to Windows ACTIVATION from Microsoft, that is the program that validates your Windows copy as legitimate, you kind of need to use that to keep using your computer after 30 days.

Expert Answered on November 27, 2017.
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